Empowered for Life!

Carrie Ann Kent

Helping Survivors of Sexual Violence Find Hope, Healing & Happiness.

‚ÄčWhen Carrie Ann was a little girl, she was faced with
something that no child should experience - sexual abuse.  
Sadly, her story did not end there and she went on to
endure sexual assault and domestic violence in her teens
and adult years.  

Carrie is the author of her biography "My Innocence Lost"
and is an advocate for victim's rights and healing.  In
2013, she co-founded the non-profit organization
Butterfly Healing which offers support and innovative
therapy programs to survivors of sexual violence.  In her
public speaking events, she honestly recounts the effects
of the abuse and the long bumpy road of recovery.  Her personal experience with healing is something she willingly shares with others in the hope that they too will find true happiness and peace. 

Carrie Ann is an inspiration to all who meet her.  Through her book and organization, she hopes to empower others to seek healing and happiness in their lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact Carrie directly at: info@butterflyhealing.org or by phone at:
(519) 373-2458.