Empowered for Life!

​Jean-Paul Bédard is a high profile endurance athlete,
and a veteran of over 100 marathons and ultra
marathons. Jean-Paul turned to long distance running
to help him battle his addiction and mental health
issues. In 2013, Jean-Paul disclosed to family and
friends that he is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse
and rape. Since that time, he has become an advocate
for other survivors through his organization
Superior2Circumstance.com. In 2014, Jean-Paul ran the
iconic Boston Marathon twice in the same day to raise
funds and awareness for survivors of childhood sexual
abuse. In the fall of 2015, Jean-Paul will be running the
Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon three times in the same day to raise awareness of the #BeenRapedNeverReported campaign.

A sought-after public speaker, Jean-Paul is known for his ability to infuse humor in his talks as he speaks candidly about coming to terms with serious issues such as addiction, depression, and childhood trauma. Jean-Paul passionately believes life is not about "what happens to us", but about "what we do with what happens to us." His, is a message of hope, strength, and resiliency.

You may contact Jean-Paul through his website at:  www.Superior2Circumstance.com or email him at runjprun@gmail.com .  You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram at:  @runjprun

Jean-Paul Bedard

Helping Survivors of Sexual Violence Find Hope, Healing & Happiness.