In April 2014, a group of hight school boys attended a Crime
Prevention Ottawa Forum called Together We Can: Men Speak
out on Violence Against Women.  Among the speakers in
attendance was Glen Canning (father of Rehtaeh Parsons). 

Following the official part of the forum, Mr. Canning had a very

intimate and candid talk with the boys about what kind of men
our world needs.  This moment truly moved everyone, and for
the following month the boys insisted that they do something. 
The something became ManUp!

Today their Mission Statement is: We are a group of student

leaders who are working towards social change in regards to the treatment of women in our community. They have developed a poster campaign, held a boys only assembly for 1000+ boys, launched a twitter account, produced PSA announcements for their Youtube channel, and that only covers what they did in the first three months of the school year.

What started as a single high school event has grown into a youth driven movement.  The boys are hosting a forum this spring to Launch ManUp! in 10 more schools, with the ambition of seeing the group expand to the entire school board.

Ask any of the boys, "What is ManUp!?"  they will answer: We are not asking anyone to be perfect, but expecting everyone to be better."


For more information about ManUp! - you can follow them on social media at:

Twitter:  @ManUpLDHSS


Man Up

Helping Survivors of Sexual Violence Find Hope, Healing & Happiness.

Empowered for Life!