Helping Survivors of Sexual Violence Find Hope, Healing & Happiness.

Empowered for Life!

A Personal Note from the Founders: Shari Canning & Kim Canning-DeAngelis, Aunts of Rehtaeh Parsons.

In the aftermath of her rape and subsequent torment
Rehtaeh’s wish that her father continue to “make her
laugh,” underscored her desire to find the good in life
despite her inner turmoil. In turn, Rehtaeh’s strength
and bravery has inspired us to create a non-profit that
supports other victims of sexual violence and gives
them a chance to experience their own treasured

Our choice for cottage and retreat stays was influenced through Rae’s time with us in the summer of 2012 at a family cottage where she experienced moments of freedom and laughter so pure we can still hear it ringing through the trees. Whether it was “kissing” fish after she removed the hooks from their mouth, racing around on the seadoo, riding bareback or going for a midnight dip, Rae managed for a short while to free herself and enjoy life as the teenager she was.

It is our hope that through Rae of Light Havens, other survivors of sexual violence can rediscover their own personal moments to treasure on their journey of healing.

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Rae of Light Havens